Hunter International Livestock Ltd.,



Co Cork



unnamed-5Hunter International Livestock is a livestock export company based in Fermoy, Co. Cork. It was founded in 1998 by David Hunter, who had been involved in the Livestock trade since 1970, and his father David Hunter previous to that since the 1950’s.


It was with his vast experience of trading livestock nationally that David Hunter, sought and found markets to trade Irish cattle into the European Market.  Hunter International Livestock has over the last 2 decades exported all over Europe and assisted in the supply of cattle to Egypt, Libya and the Lebanon.


Hunter International Livestock pride themselves on the quality and the health of all the cattle they export. With our own Hunter International Transport company, we can provide a personal supervised delivery, controlled and maintained by ourselves.  We are dedicated to supplying our customers with a high quality, healthy animal at all times.  With the respect attributed to our judgement of cattle, many of our customers trust us to supply them with quality as specified by them, year on year.


In the Spring of the year we export 20k calves to the European markets. Mainly young Friesian calves to Spain, Holland and Italy but we also supply Belgian Blues, Continental Crosses and Angus calves to theses markets.


We export through our own approved lairage from where we organise all transport and logistics for our customers.